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Super Soft Birthday Party

From eating all-dressed chips to winning Hockey 'Ships, a Super Soft Birthday Party is the crème de la crème of birthday celebrations. Throw your good buddy one today!

Written by Bodhie Bahd | Updated | 3 min read

Daryl celebrating his Super Soft Birthday with Wayne and Squirrely Dan
A Super Soft Birthday Party | Photo Credit to IMDB

So your good buddys turned a year older. You, being the good buddy that you are, wants to do something special for them. That bit of special should be a Super Soft Birthday Party, a party rife with childish hijinks and shenanigans that is as equally fit for a 9 year old as it is for an adult turning 40.

Remember though, for the 9 year old party, it is the adults that drink the Super Soft Birthday Drinks. This is an important point.

A mixed pack of Super Soft Birthday Party Balloons

Super Soft Birthday Balloons

Pretty much the first thing that comes to our mind when throwin' our Good Buddy a soirée. Comes with all your favorite Letterkenny sayings on them.

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Episode 2 of Letterkenny: Daryl's Super Soft Birthday Party

Throwing a soft birthday party is exactly what you wouldn't expect the toughest guy in your town would do. That's what makes the episode great.

Fans of the show Letterkenny most certainly understand the time honored tradition of throwing your good buddy a Super Soft Birthday Party. In fact, almost everything in the list below is pulled from Wayne and Katy's annual effort to toast Darry on his birthday. That said, they throw the party just as much for themselves as they do for Daryl. Why? Because you don't mess with tradition.

Daryl's Super Soft Birthday Party is an excellent episode of an excellent series. Here's what you need.

Things You Need For Throwing a Super Soft Birthday Party

Super Soft Decorations

Things like streamers, bounce houses, plastic drinkware, and crazy straws. Even more, Super Soft Birthday Balloons, blowup palm treets, and other trinket-y objects like noise makers.

Plastic Martini Glasses

Plastic Martini Glasses

Hard liquor, soft drinkware. Check out these plastic martini glasses for your Apricot Toblerone Cocktail!

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Super Soft Drinks & Food

All-Dressed Chips are a hot ticket at a Super Soft Birthday. Same goes for cotton candy. Super Soft doesn't necessarily mean that the food should be physically soft (ex. chips), but it could be if you wanted it to.

For instance, rolling out a DIY Fondue Buffet using Kraft Mac & Cheese cheese packets would be infinitely super soft. Scarborough, Ontario's Barenaked Ladies would be so amazingly proud of your efforts.

As for drinks, there are plenty to choose from. Drinks such as the Corrabelo Love Potion, Purple Passion Punch, Lemon Gingerini, Apricot Toblerone Cocktail, Flirtini, and Sparkling Mango Sorbet Float. Like Reilly & Jonesy, we don't even know what some of those drinks are. Shoresy would probably light them up for it either way though.

Also, don't forget to quaff a few Puppers Beers.

2 Bags of Ruffles All Dressed Chips

All Dressed Chips

Ruffles has got you covered with their take on All Dressed Chips. These are a MUST have for any Super Soft Birthday Party.

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A Karaoke Machine

N'Sync, One Direction, 98 Degrees, it's all good for Boy Band Karaoke. But nothing, nothing says Super Soft like singing New Kids songs while holding a Sparkling Mango Sorbet Float with a couple of hockey players, who may, or may not, be riding a unicorn.

Which brings us to ...


To create a real life unicorn out of.

Stuffed Unicorn

A Stuffed Unicorn

It's kind of cost prohibitive to have a real horse at your party. So, do the next best thing and buy a stuffed unicorn.

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Super Soft Clothes

Pardon the pun? But, you're going to want feather boas, party hats, and a birthday crown for the guest of honor.

Cupcake Decoration Station

Funfetti cupcakes with white chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles oughta do it.

Letterkenny's Finest Whiskey

Gus N' Bru. Good for a pre-fight routine. Even better for a Super Soft party. Best for, well, a pre-fight routine.

"End of the laneway, don't come up the property."

Wrapping up

Who knows, you may have yourself a few too many Lemon Gingerinis and find yourself arguing with a couple of pheasants at the party over which pro sports team owns the most 'ships.

Speaking of super parties, one party that isn't (or shouldn't be) super soft is a Super Bowl party. This is doubly true if you're playing the Super Bowl drinking game. That gets tough, quickly.

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