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Letterkenny Season 12

Fans of the Hicks, Skids and Hockey Players of Letterkenny, Ontario can rejoice as the hit show has been picked up for a twelfth season.

Written by Bodhie Bahd | Updated | 1 min read

A film crew and the actors from Letterkenny filming the show at the Produce Stand location
Filming Letterkenny | Photo Credit to Freshwater Production Studios (FPS) -

Season 12 is scheduled to kick off in December of 2023, similar to how the last several seasons have been released. Which is great, because most folks are wondering what's next for the Produce Stand Bahds after they trounced Jivin' Pete and his boys.

They've yet to travel far from Letterkenny (they hate Quebec), but maybe Season 12 changes that and they take a trip out to Alberta or Vancouver for some Western Canadianity.

According to writer and actor, Jacob Tierney, Season 12 production has begun and it's rumored that filming has been completed for some time now.

Season 12 Cast

Most everyone is returning to the cast, including Keeso, Tierney, Dales, Mylett, and Wilson. Same goes for the featured skids, hockey players and random townsfolk.

Season 12 Release Date

  1. CraveTV will release Letterkenny's 12th Season on December 25th, 2023
  2. Hulu will release Letterkenny's 12th Season on December 26th, 2023

These dates assume that there are no issues with the production process and no major disputes that come along with the official release of the show.

Will Letterkenny Get Renewed?

Hopefully the next round of 6 episodes is excellent enough for the show to get renewed for a 13th Season.

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