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The character of Shoresy on Letterkenny is one of the greatest characters in the History of Television, boys. His gloves off, insult-heavy trash talking is legendary.

Here are his chirps.

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Who plays the character of Shoresy on Letterkenny?

Jared Keeso plays Shoresy. He voiced Shoresy in Wingman Wayne before appearing on screen. However, you never see his whole face as it is always obscured by a camera angle, a head turn, a hockey helmet, wigs, and other deflections. Jared Keeso also plays Wayne on the show.

What episode did Shoresy first appear in?

Shoresy's first episode was Wingman Wayne, the Fourth episode of Season One.

What number hockey jersey does Shoresy wear?


Which seasons of Letterkenny does Shoresy not appear in?

Seasons Four, Eight and Nine.

Which episode was Shoresy the referee?

Back to Back to Back (Season 5, Episode 5)

Does Shoresy have his own show?

Yes, the character of Shoresy is getting a spin-off show. Shoresy will be the first spin-off show for a character from Letterkenny. In all honesty, Gail could have an amazing spin-off show too.

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