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Shoresy is the TV Show of The Canadian Hockey Gods

A TV Mini Series that came out in 2022, Shoresy follows a hockey player from the fictional town of Letterkenny, Ontario that rises up through the ranks because he never wants to lose again.

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The five main hockey players in Shoresy, including Shore, Hitch, Dolo, Goody and JJ
Shoresy Show | Photo Credit to Shoresy Show

Shoresy, one of the best and funniest characters from Crave TV's outstanding comedy series, Letterkenny, is getting his own spinoff show. Shore - his actual last name - is a character on the Letterkenny Irish who leaves the small town of 5,000 hicks, hockey players and skids to go seek hockey fame through better competition elsewhere.

In this case, it's a Senior AAA hockey team out of Sudbury, Ontario. And Shoresy never wants to lose again.

So give yer balls a tug and get watching in a few weeks, boys. These six half-hour episodes are sure to be filled with falsetto-driven mom jokes, take downs, and all sorts of quotable Shoresy insults.

A show dedicated to the character of Shoresy can't lose (and didn't). It's going to be the best hockey movie of all-time, and it's not even a movie. Slapshot? Youngblood? Mighty Ducks? All lame.

Think about it, a Canadian who actually played competitive hockey is the star character of a show centered around the Country's National Sport. Further, the character is already developed, so there's no need to waste time introducing him to the audience.

Speaking of developed, his penalty game is quite developed. He'll slew foot anyone within range.

Shoresy Locker Room Sneak Peak

Shore, #69, is going to annihilate scenes from the get go. Doubly so if that trailer/scene above is anything to believe in. Sons all along the 42nd parallel need to be worried that Shoresy is coming after their mothers.

Just check out the quotes from that one dressing room scene alone:

  • This team is so fucking bad.
  • Shut the fuck up, Sanguinet.
  • I want to never lose again.
  • Oh you think I'm shitting, Michaels? I should be so lucky. I'm puking and shitting at the same time. This team ... this team is so bad, I've lost control of my bodily functions.
  • We get punked 5-Goose for the twentieth loss of the campaign and you say good fucking team over there?
  • Why don't you go over and suck their dicks if you like 'em so much?
  • Sanguinet, you're a healthy scratch on a last place club and a no show, go for a soda.
  • Oh, teach you something?
  • Your broad sent her tits to my buddy on Instagram, and then him and my buddy fucked her in Muskoka.
  • More hockey players have your broad's tits on their phones than have fucking Uber.
  • She followed me to Pepe Panini after Ribfest one time and cleared the place out with her Coke farts.
  • Shut the fuck up, Sanguinet. Everyone knows you got an underwater squeezer from her off the side of our Party Island last summer in Wasaga Beach.
  • I could have got one too, but I was having an aqua dump.
  • Fuck you, Michaels, your sweetie stalked McDavid's girlfriend at Boots and Hearts and asked her if she wanted to taste it.
  • Yeah, stick with me, Michaels, you'll learn something new every day of your life, you piece of shit.
  • Fuckin' loser.

Episode Guide

Ep. Title Summary
1Never Lose AgainShoresy is doing all he can to save his squad from disbanding.
2Veteran PresenceA team gathering is held at Nat's, and Shoresy and his new players all show up.
3Know Your RoleThe Timmins Timber Kings and the famed Apeldoorn brothers take on the Bulldogs.
4If You Can't Win, Don't PlayA family reunion and a hockey game against the North Bay Norseman. Obviously Shoresy causes a fuss at both.
5Hockey Brings People TogetherSoo vs Bulldogs (Part One)
6Don't Poke the BearSoo vs Bulldogs (Part Two)

Shoresy, the Letterkenny Spinoff sitcom that is every bit as funny as its predecessor, is the excellent tale told of a passionate hockey player who feels compelled to improve the Sudbury Bulldogs. Why? Because he unequivocally hates losing.

Caution, there may be a spoiler or two below. Stop reading now if that’s a problem.

Cast & Characters

Below is a list of the primary players (not a hockey pun) in the show. This includes the starting lineup of the hockey team, as well as the leadership of the Bulldogs. The one area where it may get confusing for you is with the three Jims. Feel free to Google them for pictures if you need a little help identifying who is who on-screen.

Jared Keeso as Shoresy

Jared Keeso, the Canadian actor (partly) responsible for bringing hit Crave/Hulu show Letterkenny to life, stars as titular character, Shoresy. Shoresy is a hockey player on a quest to Never Lose Again. Shoresy accomplishes this by recruiting a cast of hockey players from the ranks of which no one is recruiting.

As for Keeso, he is one of the executive producers on the show as well one of the writers.

Tasya Teles as Nat

Tasya plays Nat, the current GM of the Sudbury Bulldogs. She believes in the team and what they're trying to accomplish, and in many ways, is the ideal owner-operator of a hockey club.

Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat as Sanguinet

Sanguinet takes a wild ride throughout Season One, from taking abuse from Shoresy (who doesn’t?!), to getting with Michaels’s girl, to becoming the coach of the Bulldogs. Sanger does it all.

Blair Lamora as Ziigwan

Ziigwan works with (and seemingly for) Nat. She's part of Nat's entourage and is constantly trying to foil Shoresy's wild attempts at remaking the club in his image.

Keilani Elizabeth Rose as Miigwan

Miigwan, like Ziig, is part of Nat's entourage. Like Letterkenny, Shoresy continues a tradition of pairing characters who are similar in nature to serve what is essentially the same purpose.

Jonathan-Ismaël Diaby as Dolo

Dolo is part hockey player and other part rapper, as talented with a Sherwood in his hands as he is with a microphone.

Terry Ryan as Ted Hitchcock

Terry Ryan as Ted Hitchcock is dynamite, all the way from the carefree attitude to the Newfie accent. Hitch is one of the hockey players that Shoresy recruits to improve the squad.

Hitch also drinks Martoonies.

Max Bouffard as JJ Frankie JJ

JJ Frankie JJ was Shoresy’s nemesis in Letterkenny. He was also one of the very best players in the league. JJ Frankie JJ finds himself in favor more trouble off the ice, stepping out on Laurence Leboeuf.

Andrew Antsanen as Brant 'Goody' Goodleaf

Goody is Antsanen's first role as an actor. The Manitoba native's character loves saying, "Settle Down!"

Goody also loves chicken and sticks.

Jon Mirasty as Jim #1

Mirasty shows off his mohawk from the get-go.

Brandon Nolan as Jim #2

In somewhat of a double homage, brothers Brandon and Jordan Nolan are modeled after the Hanson brothers of Slapshot, who were, interestingly enough, played by brothers as well. Well, two of them were.

Anyway, Jim #2 is Brandon Nolan is an ex-Hockey player who made it to the show, albeit briefly, with the Carolina Hurricanes. He officially registered one point (an assist).

He's perfect for the role of Bulldog tough guy, along with the other two jail-working Jim's.

Jordan Nolan as Jim #3

Also an ex-NHL player, Jordan Nolan plays one of the Jim's who prefer to go by their first name.

Bourke Cazabon as Cory

Keegan Long as Liam

Ryan McDonell as Michaels

Michaels starts as the coach of the Bulldogs.

Jon Ambrose as Phil

Camille Sullivan as Laura Mohr

Camille Sullivan's character is the object of Shoresy's affection. He's constantly trying to be good to her. So good.

Laurence Leboeuf as Herself

Jacob Tierney as Benny

Jonathan Torrens as Remy

Who better to play Remy than all-around comedic badass, Jonathan Torrens. Torrens is known for his time on Letterkenny, Trailer Park Boys, and, the bastion of Canadianity, the Taggart and Torrens Show.

Kim Cloutier as Anik

Anik is a Letterkenny-crossover character. In LK, she plays Daryl's love interest and future BroDude Energy girl. She elevates her game on the Shoresy Show to full blown reporter.

Brian McGonagle as RA (Rear Admiral)

Tessa Bonhomme as Herself

Other girl

Shoresy Cast by Episode
Actor/Actress Character Episode Total
Jared Keeso Shoresy 6
Tasya Teles Nat 6
Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat Sanguinet 6
Blair Lamora Ziigwan 6
Keilani Elizabeth Rose Miigwan 6
Jonathan-Ismaël Diaby Dolo 6
Terry Ryan Ted Hitchcock 6
Max Bouffard JJ Frankie JJ 6
Andrew Antsanen Brant 'Goody' Goodleaf 6
Jon Mirasty Jim #1 6
Brandon Nolan Jim #2 6
Jordan Nolan Jim #3 6
Bourke Cazabon Cory 6
Keegan Long Liam 6
Ryan McDonell Michaels 5
Jon Ambrose Phil 5
Camille Sullivan Laura Mohr 5
Laurence Leboeuf Laurence Leboeuf 4
AJ Zoldy Greg 4
Lysandre Nadeau Lysandre Nadeau 3
Carley Bulfon Alice 3
Daniel Pupella Angelo Policetti 2
Danny Bruzzi Luca Policetti 2
Michala Brasseur Pam 2
Christian Propp Tendy 2
Kim Cloutier Anik 2
Tessa Bonhomme Tessa Bonhomme 2
Jay Onrait Jay Onrait 2
Brian McGonagle RA 2
Jacob Tierney Benny 2
Jonathan Torrens Remy 2
Eliana Jones Mercedes 2
Jacob Smith Fish 1
Scott Thompson Shoresy's Foster Father 1
Teanna Weir Kayla 1
Ryan Allen Morris 1
Tina Jung Carrie 1
Lisa Cromarty Aki 1
Joelle Peters Nina 1
Waneek Horn-Miller Danis 1
Rashaana Cumberbatch Free 1


When did the first episode of Shoresy air?

  • May 13th, 2022 in Canada
  • May 27th, 2022 in the United States

When Does Season 2 come out?

Season 2 of Shoresy does not have a release date yet. That said, the production team do intend to film and release a second season given the success of Season One.

Where can you watch Shoresy?

CraveTV airs Shoresy in Cananda. Hulu airs Shoresy in the United States. There are links below to watch it online.

Which characters crossed over from Letterkenny?

Shoresy, Anik, Tessa, and Jean-Jacques François Jacques Jean appear in both Shoresy and Letterkenny. Also, references to the characters of Riley and Jonesy’s mothers, despite the fact that they never appear on screen in either sitcom.

Will any other Letterkenny characters make a cameo in Season Two?

Most, if not all of the cast of Shoresy are returning for another lap in the barn later this year. Fans of the show should expect another six episodes of slew-footing, conversation-interrupting, chirp-fueled delight.

We have yet to hear whether or not Wayne, Daryl, Squirrely Dan or Katy will make an appearance. More likely to appear on screen in the spinoff series would be LK hockey players, Riley and Jonesy. Or Coach, as played by Mark Forward. After all, Shoresy played with them prior to moving up to the NOSHO.

Who is Danis?

Danis is a character played by Waneek Horn-Miller. She is the real life sister of Kaniehtiio Horn who plays Tanis on Letterkenny.

Who plays the character of Shoresy on Letterkenny?

Jared Keeso plays Shoresy. He voiced Shoresy in Wingman Wayne before appearing on screen. However, you never see his whole face as it is always obscured by a camera angle, a head turn, a hockey helmet, wigs, and other deflections. Jared Keeso also plays Wayne on the show.

What episode did Shoresy first appear in?

Shoresy's first episode was Wingman Wayne, the Fourth episode of Season One.

What number hockey jersey does Shoresy wear?

Shoresy wears number 69.

Which seasons of Letterkenny does Shoresy not appear in?

Seasons Four, Eight and Nine.

Which episode was Shoresy the referee?

Back to Back to Back (Season 5, Episode 5)

Which Letterkenny episodes did Shoresy appear in?

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