Shoresy Show | TV Mini Series 2022 | Letterkenny Spinoff

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Shoresy, one of the best and funniest characters from Crave TV's outstanding comedy series, Letterkenny, is getting his own spinoff show. Shore - his actual last name - is a character on the Letterkenny Irish who leaves the small town of 5,000 hicks, hockey players and skids to go seek hockey fame through better competition elsewhere.

In this case, it's a Senior AAA hockey team out of Sudbury, Ontario. And Shoresy never wants to lose again.

So give yer balls a tug and get watching in a few weeks, boys. These six half-hour episodes are sure to be filled with falsetto-driven mom jokes, take downs, and all sorts of quotable Shoresy insults.

Who are the characters in Shoresy and who plays them?

Pro hockey players joining the cast, other than Jonathan-Ismaël Diaby, Andrew Antsanen, and Terry Ryan, include Jon “Nasty” Mirasty, Brandon Nolan, and Jordan Nolan.

When does the first episode of Shoresy air?

Is anyone else from the show, Letterkenny, involved?

Jacob Tierney and Kaniehtiio Horn are involved as producers of the Shoresy Show. Max Bouffard is back as well, playing JJ Frankie JJ, or, Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean, one of the best hockey players featured in the show.

Shoresy Teaser Trailer

Our Thoughts on Shoresy

A show dedicated to the character of Shoresy can't lose. It's going to be the best hockey movie of all-time, and it's not even a movie. Slapshot? Youngblood? Mighty Ducks? All lame.

Think about it, a Canadian who actually played competitive hockey is the star character of a show centered around the Country's National Sport. Further, the character is already developed, so there's no need to waste time introducing him to the audience.

Speaking of developed, his penalty game is quite developed. He'll slew foot anyone within range.

Shoresy Locker Room Sneak Peak

Shore, #69, is going to annihilate scenes from the get go. Doubly so if that trailer/scene above is anything to believe in. Sons all along the 42nd parallel need to be worried that Shoresy is coming after their mothers.

Just check out the quotes from that one dressing room scene alone:

Letterkenny guest stars on Shoresy

Who else will we get treated to? We're not really sure. It would be hilarious to see Wayne show up, just because Keeso plays them both. Maybe Squirrely Dan and Daryl will be in the crowd with Miss Katys?