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Letterkenny Slang Terms & Lingo

Most of the terms you want to see are in the list below.

Written by Bodhie Bahd | Updated | 1 min read

Anik, Katy and Rosie at MoDean's
The Gals at MoDean's | Photo Credit to IMDB
  • 10-ply
  • All-dressed chips
  • Bad gas travels fast in a small town
  • Bardownski
  • Big city slams
  • Big shoots, big shooter
  • Chirping
  • Cousint
  • Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life
  • Dirty Dangles
  • Degens, de-gens
  • Exposed to
  • Figure it out / figgur it out
  • Forecheck, backcheck, paycheque
  • Get this guy a fuckin' Puppers
  • Give your balls a tug
  • Gus N' Bru
  • Hard no
  • "How're you now?" "Good 'n you?" "Not so bad."
  • Hundo P, Hundy P
  • I'd have a beer
  • I suggest you let that one marinate
  • K
  • Let that one marinate
  • Not my pig, not my farm
  • Pantene Pro
  • Pitter patter (let's get at 'er)
  • Puppers
  • Sort yourself out
  • Spare parts
  • Super-soft birthday party
  • Texas-sized 10-4
  • That's what I appreciates about you
  • They don't ask how. They ask how many
  • To be fair...
  • Toe-curling
  • Wheel-snipe-celly
  • Wheel snipes celly boys, dirty fuckin' dangles boys!
  • When a [man/friend] asks for help, you help him
  • Yew
  • You don't fuck with tradition

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